2021.01.16 released

You are welcome to use the Speedceo service (hereinafter referred to as the service). Please read the following agreement (hereinafter referred to as the agreement) carefully before using this service.

1. Acceptance of Speedceo User Agreement

When you check "✓" in the "Have read and agree to this User Agreement" during the registration process and successfully register as a Speedceo user in accordance with the registration process, or you actually use Speedceo services in other ways permitted by Speedceo, that is It means that you have fully read, understood and accepted all the contents of this agreement, and reached an agreement with Speedceo. Please be sure to read carefully and fully understand the content of each clause, especially the clauses that exempt or limit liability. Please read and understand the bold warning clauses. If you disagree with any terms under this agreement, please stop using Speedceo services.

2. Changes and modifications of this agreement

Speedceo has the right to modify this agreement at any time, and once the terms of the agreement are changed, Speedceo will prompt the modified content on the relevant page; if the user does not agree to the modification of this agreement, they can give up using or visit this website or cancel the services already obtained; If the user chooses to continue to visit or use this website after this agreement is changed, it is deemed that the user has accepted the modification of this agreement.

Three, service description

1. Speedceo is a social communication platform that meets all user needs and allows users to upload and share original shopping.

2. Speedceo uses its own system to provide services to users via the Internet. Unless otherwise specified, any new functions that enhance or strengthen the current services, including new products and newly added services, are unconditionally applicable to this agreement.

Fourth, user behavior

Users need real-name authentication to complete account registration in order to use the services provided by the website normally. The Internet user account name registered and used by any organization or individual must comply with the "Internet User Account Name Management Regulations", and the user must promise to abide by laws and regulations, the socialist system, national interests, the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, public order, social ethics and information Seven bottom lines for authenticity.

1. User account, password and security

(1) You must pass real-name authentication when registering an account to become a legal user of Speedceo and get a password and account number. You can use your account to upload your work through this service, and use the various service functions provided by the platform legally and properly.

(2) The user shall bear full responsibility for the authenticity, legality and validity of the registered information in Speedceo. The user shall not publish any information in the name of others; when it is found that the user maliciously registered an account in the name of another person or institution, Speedceo Have the right to immediately stop providing services, take back their account, and the user shall bear all legal and other responsibilities arising therefrom.

(3) You should take reasonable measures to maintain the security of its password and account. The user is fully responsible for all activities performed using the password and account; any loss or damage caused by such activities shall be borne by the user, and Speedceo shall not be liable.

(4) If the user's password and account are used without authorization or any other security problems occur, the user can immediately notify Speedceo, and the user should end the account use at the end of each connection, otherwise the user may not get Speedceo's safety protection.

(5) Speedceo reserves the right to close accounts that users have not used for a long time.

2. Dissemination of user-published content

(1) You agree to authorize Speedceo to have the right to display your uploaded content to unspecified network users around the world through this service. And authorize Speedceo to disseminate and use the content you upload for free under the premise of a signed author for promotional purposes. When any third party reprints, crawls, or steals any Speedceo data including user content without Speedceo's consent, the user agrees and authorizes Speedceo to take any legal measures on its behalf in the name of Speedceo.

(2) You understand and agree that if the content you upload to Speedceo is checked during the uploading process "Prohibit personal use", no individual or organization may reprint, save or collect it without your or Speedceo's official authorization. Any third-party space. If you check "Prohibit anonymous reprinting" during the upload process, any individual or organization shall not anonymously reprint your uploaded content to any third-party space. Otherwise, Speedceo has the right to request a third party to disconnect, delete, and file a lawsuit in the name of Speedceo to protect your legal rights.

(3) If you share content through this service, you guarantee:

a The content you share is originally created by you or has been legally authorized by the original right holder.

b You have the right to authorize Speedceo to use your content in accordance with the relevant rules of this service, including but not limited to recommending or promoting your uploaded pictures to other users.

c The pictures you upload comply with relevant national laws and regulations, public order and good customs, and will not harm the legitimate rights and interests of any other party or cause adverse social impact.

d Speedceo uses your content in accordance with the rules of this service, without the need to obtain the consent of the third party or assume any responsibility for the third party.

3. Users are prohibited from engaging in the following behaviors:

(1) Opposing the basic principles established by the Constitution;

(2) Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;

(3) Damage to national honor and interests;

(4) Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining ethnic unity;

(5) Undermining the state's religious policies and promoting cults and feudal superstition;

(6) Spreading rumors, disturbing social order, and undermining social stability;

(7) Spreading obscenity, gambling, violence, murder, self-harm, terror, or abetting crime;

(8) Insulting or slandering others, infringing the legal rights and interests of others (such as reputation rights, portrait rights, etc.);

(9) Infringement of the legal rights of others such as intellectual property rights and trade secrets;

(10) Fictional facts, concealing the truth to mislead or deceive others;

(11) Publishing, transmitting, and disseminating advertising information and junk information;

(12) Other actions prohibited by laws and regulations.

If the content you upload, post or transmit contains the above information or content that violates laws and regulations, or infringes the legitimate rights and interests of any third party, you will directly bear all adverse consequences caused by the above.

4. The user is fully responsible for the content uploaded, posted, emailed or transmitted via this website

(1) Speedceo does not guarantee the legality, legitimacy, accuracy, completeness or quality of the content transmitted by users via Speedceo. After the user accepts the services of this website, under any circumstances, Speedceo will not be responsible for any content, including but not limited to any errors or omissions in any content, and any loss or damage arising therefrom. Speedceo reserves the right (but not the obligation) to reject or delete any content provided via this website.

(2) Speedceo has the right to save or disclose the content under the following circumstances:

a As required by legal procedures;

b The provisions of the service use agreement;

c The infringed third party makes a claim;

d To protect the rights, property or personal safety of Speedceo, its users and the public;

e Other situations Speedceo deems necessary.

5. Storage and disclosure of information released by users

 Speedceo is not responsible for the deletion or storage failure of the information posted by the user, please save the backup separately. Speedceo has the right to determine whether the user's behavior complies with the provisions of this agreement. If Speedceo believes that the user has violated the terms of the agreement, it has the right to terminate the provision of website services to it.

6. The user agrees to abide by the Speedceo rules, frequently asked questions and other Speedceo management regulations.

Fourth, user behavior

6. The user agrees to abide by the Speedceo rules, frequently asked questions and other Speedceo management regulations.  Speedceo privacy policy requires the protection of your personal information. Please read the Speedceo privacy policy carefully before registering as a Speedceo user to understand how Speedceo handles and protects your personal information.

Six, copyright statement

1. The copyright of original content such as "original content" and "original article" published and displayed by Speedceo members is owned and explained by the author, and the original author must be contacted for any commercial use. Copy works, the copyright of the prototype of the fan works belongs to the original author.

2. The publisher of original content must ensure that it owns all the complete copyrights of the published content, or has obtained the legal authorization of the copyright owner, and must not infringe the legal rights and interests of others such as copyrights, portrait rights, trademark rights, and does not violate commercial confidentiality agreements. Speedceo defaults that all publishers of original content have obtained copyright authorization for publication, interpretation, and information network communication. If a legal dispute arises due to the published content, the entire responsibility lies with the user, and Speedceo does not assume any legal responsibility.

3. The content posted by users on Speedceo shall be deemed to authorize their works to be used on the Speedceo platform, and Speedceo has been granted a free, global, and irrevocable non-exclusive license for use. Speedceo has the right to use the content in various forms of Speedceo The products and services of Speedceo, including but not limited to Speedceo website and Speedceo officially released applications suitable for handheld terminal devices or other Internet products.

4. If any third party infringes the rights of Speedceo users, the user agrees to authorize Speedceo or its designated agent to raise warnings, complaints, initiate administrative law enforcement, litigation, and appeal (but not obligated) on behalf of Speedceo itself or the user. ), or negotiate a settlement, and the user agrees to participate in joint rights protection if Speedceo deems it necessary.

5. Without the authorization of the copyright owner, please do not copy and publish other people's works in whole or in part to Speedceo. If you reprint information outside the site to Speedceo, please sign and indicate the source, and obtain permission from the copyright owner. The user shall bear the adverse consequences caused by the above actions, and Speedceo shall not bear any responsibility for this.

6. If an individual or unit finds that Speedceo has content that infringes on its own legal rights and interests, please contact Speedceo in time and provide proof materials with legal effect so that Speedceo can deal with it. Speedceo has the right (without obligation) to delete relevant content according to the actual situation, and pursue the legal responsibility of relevant users. The infringing user shall be fully responsible for any loss caused to Speedceo or any third party.

7. Without the permission of Speedceo, no one may copy, reprint, hotlink, upload, download, display any resources on Speedceo, or copy or imitate this site or create a mirror image on a server not owned by Speedceo. Otherwise, Speedceo will pursue legal responsibility according to law.

8. Speedceo's logo, source code, and layout design of all pages, etc., are copyrighted by Speedceo. Unauthorized use must not be made at any site other than Speedceo.

7. Disclaimer

1. In addition to the terms of service indicated by Speedceo, any accident, negligence, contract damage, defamation, copyright or intellectual property infringement and various losses caused by the use of Speedceo (including computer virus infection due to downloading), Speedceo is not responsible and does not assume any legal responsibility.

2. Speedceo does not guarantee (including but not limited to):

(1) This website is suitable for users' requirements;

(2) This website is not disturbed, timely, safe, reliable or error-free;

(3) Any products, services or other materials obtained by users through this website meet the expectations of users.

3. This service may contain links to other websites or resources, namely third-party links. Speedceo has no right to control, review or modify the content, privacy policies and activities of the aforementioned websites or resources, and therefore does not assume any responsibility. It is recommended that you read the terms of service and privacy policy carefully before leaving Speedceo services and visiting other websites or resources.

4. As a result of the uploading or publishing of user content on this website, any third party claims for compensation or any damage or loss derived from it, the user shall bear full responsibility, and Speedceo shall not bear any responsibility.

5. The comments made by Speedceo members only represent the netizens themselves, and do not reflect any Speedceo's opinions and views.

6. Speedceo believes that all users have carefully read these terms and fully agree to it when entering the Speedceo homepage and various pages.